Fairy Owlet Mother

Stacey Mae Rudge

Fairy Owlet Mother Stacey Mae Rudge

Hi, I’m Stacey!

I am the Fairy Owlet Mother here at Ramona Barn Owls. I have been live-streaming barn owls since 2014 and have learned so much by observing and documenting their behavior. I knew nothing about them when my husband first built an owl box for my family to enjoy. My love for these amazing creatures has grown, and I now advocate for them at any chance. I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to rescue many owls and even assist in the release of several rehabilitated juveniles. My passion is education about the use of owls for pest control versus the use of poison. I hope you will join me in allowing these owls to entertain you.
Check out the antics and shenanigans of my owls and see the visitors that are stopping by the property in my scrapbooks!

My Song

I am so honored that the fabulous Ashley E. Norton wrote a song for my birthday.
Thank you to Cookie Socials for creating the video.

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A Preview of Owl Shenanigans

Owl Perched at Ramona Barn Owls Ranch
An Owl Hooting Good Morning at Ramona Barn Owls Ranch
An Owl Enjoying his Morning at Ramona Barn Owls Ranch

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