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Watch the resident Barn Owl parents Bindi and Bella and their annual clutch of owlets on the owl cams as they entertain us with their captivating life! Each year, they dazzle us with their chaotic courtship and bless us with the opportunity to witness their owlets’ birth and development. The nine cameras are located on a private residence in Ramona, California; also known as “The Valley of the Sun”, a small unincorporated community in San Diego County along the foothills of the Cuyamaca Mountains. The weather is extremely warm and the prey incredibly abundant – this attracts plenty of barn owls! Ramona is also the turkey capital of the world and home to over 40 wineries.

Learn about the Fairy Owlet Mother, Stacey Mae Rudge & take a look at our scrapbooks. We have captured the cutest daytime antics, nighttime shenanigans and of course, the lively visitors!

All five owlets have hatched. Help us welcome Bindi and Bella’s 2023 clutch!

Stormy, Ramona Ranch, Angel, Pippy & Sprout

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